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Snappii’s fully customized Candidate Campaign mobile app can quickly, securely and effortlessly keep your campaign connected with current and potential voters, build campaign momentum and allow supporters to be actively involved with every aspect of your campaign.

App Features

Accept Donations Instantly

The heart of every campaign is a strong fundraising strategy. Our app makes it easy for supporters to donate to your campaign through integrated instant on-line donations.

Candidate Details

Let voters get to know you by sharing your personal and professional biographies. Keep supporters updated and let undecided voters learn what you stand for and why they should support you. Share your position on such critical voter issues as budgets/debt, taxation, education, crime, seniors, and veterans.

Candidate Details

Campaign News

Set yourself apart from other candidates by providing voters and supporters a central place to stay informed on campaign news, follow your campaign via social media and connect with like-minded voters. Through an interactive news section, you can make it easy for your app users to stay updated on your campaign activities, accomplishments, announcements and successes. Become truly relevant by using cutting-edge mobile technology to place 24/7 real-time interactive democracy directly in the palm of voters hands.

Upcoming Events & Appearances

Make it easy for supporters to RSVP for attendance at certain events with an integrated Event Attendance Registration form. Create event notifications in order to reach certain voters who may be located near a specific scheduled event.

Keep your supporters updated with campaign calendars, event details and maps to event locations.

Upcoming Events & Appearances

Automated Notifications

Streamline communications and keep voters up to date with all of your campaign activities through push notifications, text messaging and email. Send breaking campaign news and new event details to every mobile app user’s mobile devices.

Proactive notifications pushed to your voter’s mobile devices gives you a new innovative method to reach new supporters.

Complete Social Media Integration

According to Venturebeat.com, the average Facebook account has 190 friends and the average Twitter account user has 126 followers. Each social media share is a great organic PR release for your campaign.

Built in social media integration capabilities link your campaign, voters and supporters through vital social media resources like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Tumblr, Flickr, LinkedIn and Google+. Enhance voter’s ability to get involved through free useful app tools that will enhance their overall democratic experience.

Complete Social Media Integration

Integration to Other Campaign Databases & Systems

Preserve continuity of your existing data collection and storage processes and methods by incorporating your own forms into the mobile app. Integrate your mobile app with your existing data sources. With in-app Volunteer Registrations, Donation forms and RSVP Forms, auto-populate your volunteer, donor and event attendee databases with the data submitted through the mobile app.

Why does your campaign need a mobile app?

Stay Connected Stay Connected
Mobile App Success in Election Campaigns Mobile App Success in Election Campaigns
Mobile App vs Mobile Website Mobile App vs Mobile Website

Stay Connected

Connect with voters on a personal level and bring your message directly into their hands through their mobile devices.
Make it is easy for people to know who you are, what you believe and how your success will positively impact their lives.

With information literally at their fingertips, voters will have the ability to:

  • Donate instantly
  • View your personal and political biography
  • Understand exactly where you stand on important issues
  • Contact your campaign
  • Volunteer
  • Know about and RSVP for campaign events
  • Interact with your campaign and the voting community

It is estimated that there will be close to four million new voters turning 18 and entering the voting pool this year. This relevant new voter generation, although only a portion of the potential voters, have never known a world without the internet, and more recently, mobile device. Candidates who incorporate and utilize this mobile technology into their campaign strategy will be the ones who reach the most voters and better positioned for a winning campaign.

Mobile App Success in Election Campaigns

The successful introduction of the first ever political candidate campaign mobile apps in the 2012 elections (Obama & Romney) harnessed cutting-edge mobile technology and set the stage for connecting the candidates with voters like never before. By integrating mobile apps into their digital campaign strategies, candidates seamlessly integrated entire campaigns with social media and helped build powerful meaningful connections to the voting community and their supporters.

The use of mobile apps in the last elections reaffirmed to us what we already know - voter mobile app interactions are too powerful and too frequent to ignore.

According to a 2012 post-election research poll conducted by Pew Research Center:

  • 88% of all registered voters own a cell phone
  • 74% of those cell phone owners own smartphones
  • 67% of these smartphone users use or download mobile apps
  • 45% of registered voters used their mobile devices (phone and/or tablet) to keep up with news or information related to the 2012 political candidates

Based on the study of mobile app and smartphone usage in political behaviors during 2012 over 45% of mobile users have relied on their smartphones to:

  • Interact with political campaigns
  • Obtain information or updates about specific campaigns during the election season and
  • Communicate with other voters regarding political issues

Mobile App vs Mobile Website

Technology has changed the way candidates run their campaigns and communicate with the voting community. Voters like to be in control of the information they receive during elections and likely to download a mobile app by the candidates they support. More important, these voters want to be notified, real-time, on news and events pertaining to the candidates they believe in.

An October 2015 study conducted by Smartinsights.com found that:

  • 52% of all internet access is done via smartphones and tablets
  • Only 11% of smartphone owner time is spent on mobile websites
  • 82% of all mobile device usage time is spent using mobile apps

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Proven and Mature

We have been actively focused on mobile app development since 2010. Our Snappii Mobile App Platform technology is secure, solid and has been utilized to build thousands of iOS and Android mobile apps. The Snappii team brings a wealth of industry experience and talent to create the most unique, useful and meaningful mobile applications for our clients and their app users.

The Snappii Candidate Campaign Mobile App leverages cutting-edge mobile technology and are specifically designed to quickly and effectively make more meaningful direct connections with voters and to realize the ultimate goal of a winning campaign.

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